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Facebook Camera, new ways to share (even the Stories)

Facebook introduces in Italy Camera, a new in-app camera equipped with three exclusive tools to allow people to share easily.

Today, Facebook introduces in Italia Camera, a new in-app camera equipped with three exclusive tools to allow people to easily share any moment with their friends.

The new Facebook Camera camera includes:A new in-app camera, equipped with frames, interactive effects and filters that can be applied to photos and videos.Direct, an option designed to share photos and videos individually, with one or more friends specifically.Facebook Stories, a new Facebook format that allows you to share photos and videos with friends during the day. The photos and videos published in your own story disappear after 24 hours and do not appear on the profile or on the bulletin board, unless you decide to post them there too.

Facebook has recently tested these new tools in Ireland and now wants to offer them in more countries, so people can easily share any time with their friends.

FACEBOOK NEW WAYS TO SHARESocial networks have changed the way people communicate with each other, moving from direct communication to sharing communication.

o Not long ago the communication took place exclusively through the exchange of text messages, while with the arrival of photos and videos users have begun to share more visual content. Today, in fact, people want to share their messages in a creative and spontaneous manner. In addition to publishing more visual content, the ways in which they are shared with others: not only with large groups of friends, but also with smaller groups or even only with one person. Contents that are also instantaneous and do not necessarily have to last forever.

Reflecting on these two major changes, Facebook has revised the box. What are you thinking? the tool that has always been at the center of the social experience and that helps people to share content with their friends. Taking into account these new sharing trends on Facebook, this tool is still too focused on textual content.

So Facebook wanted upgrade your camera, to offer people a better experience not only by making it easier to create funny photos and videos directly from the Facebook app, but also by offering more options for sharing them.

Because the world and reality are changing, even Facebook is ready for change, with the aim of helping people share exactly what they want because the more they share with others, the more the community can open up and connect.

IN-APP CAMERA – NEW CAMERAFacebook launches Camera, new in-app camera, equipped with creative and interactive effects to stimulate the enjoyment of its users and new tools to improve the sharing experience.

As is normally the case with other content posted on Facebook, if you decide to post a photo or video from the new camera, the content is visible to all the people with whom you choose to share it. As always, there is the possibility to change the visibility of the post by modifying the privacy settings.

Photos or videos that are sent only to certain people can only be viewed once. If they will spend more than 24 hours since the recipient viewed the photo or video, then it will no longer be possible to open the content. If you decide instead to post on Facebook content from the camera located at the top left, the platform makes the photos and videos bigger to make them even more visible.

DIRECT NEW SHARING MODESOnce the content in the camera has been captured and modified, it must then be decided by whom to share it. With the new camera, you can share your content with friends through the News Feed or, if you want to share a photo privately, you can use the Direct function, an option designed to share photos and videos individually or with specific recipients temporarily.

When sending a photo or video to a friend via Direct, the content can be viewed up to 2 times. After 24 hours from when my friend saw the photo, the video, or a message, they will disappear and can no longer be reviewed.

FACEBOOK STORIES SHARING IN 24 HOURSThe Instagram community has shown that it can be fun to share content that disappears after a day. Precisely for this reason, the Facebook app introduces Facebook Stories, which allow you to share photos and videos with friends during the course of the day.

Instagram Stories have proven to be particularly popular in the Instagram community and there have been feedbacks about additional options for sharing photos and videos on Facebook as well. For example, instead of having a photo or video permanently on the bulletin board, someone prefers to share moments instantly. The Facebook Stories were therefore included in the new camera of the app to give people more flexibility in the way they share their experiences.

Photos and videos added to the Story will disappear after 24 hours and will not reappear on the bulletin board or in the News Feed unless they are also posted. Friends can respond to the story by sending an individual reply in Direct.

To add content to the story, just click on the icon Your Story on the left in the Stories bar at the top of the News Feed.

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