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Expo TV also in Italian

Jobs had announced it: Apple Expo in Paris will have to be a truly European event and not just French. Promises that have already seemed to translate into facts when the entire site of the review beyond the Alps has been translated into the main languages ??of the old continent, including Italian. Registration information, program, organization details, all available in translation.

The impression that Jobs and Apple are doing seriously is further strengthened if we consider that Macity has learned that a series of webcasts will also start in Paris, in accordance with European cultural diversity, in the main European languages. In all, these are five different languages, including Italian.

The editors of Macworld from all over Europe will attend the event and will join in commenting on the event, interviewing the protagonists and informing Macintosh fans.

The broadcasts will start on the first day of the fair, on the afternoon of September 13th, immediately after the Steve Jobs keynote, and continue until the close of Saturday, September 17th. For Italy, Luca Accomazzi will conduct the broadcasts and interview the attendees: among these, Enzo Biagini, Apple's manager responsible for the whole of Southern Europe, stands out.

MacWorld lets us know that the broadcast in Italian, which will be curated by Luca Accomazzi, will go on the air at 3pm on the first day and will present a guest in the studio

Enzo Biagini (Apple Regional Manager Southern Europe) to comment on Steve Jobs' announcements. A second episode will be broadcast the following day, Thursday 14, at

14; and a third will be visible on a date and time to be established.

The studio was set up in the middle of the exhibition space, to allow transmissions directly from what for five days the center of the Macintosh world.

Transmissions take place in direct delay (ie are broadcast 15 minutes after recording). In addition to journalistic content, behind-the-scenes transmissions are planned which explain how the transmission takes place and which technical software and hardware have been chosen to perform the webcast through QuickTime.

The films will remain visible for a long time after the closing of the event.

If you have any questions to propose to Akko that in turn turn it to Biagini or someone else you can use a mailbox set up for the occasion: (email protected)