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Diablo for Mac in Italian? There are those who try

Diablo for Mac in Italian? There are those who try

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We have already spoken of the lack of localization of Diablo II in Italian, as we have already said of the, for us, incomprehensible logic behind a choice (implemented by Blizzard) to convert two Macs out of three into our language but to ?hybridize ?That of installation that would have guaranteed us the full usability of this beautiful title. Of all this we have already said and to know what we think of it and the implications of the story we invite you to visit the page dedicated to this topic. Here we just want to point out that our disappointment could become a bit less harsh for the dedication and commitment of the tireless Luciano Pecorella.

The founder of Games4Mac, known to our public for having converted in our language titles like Caesar III, Ages of Empire and Raimbow Six, announces from his site that he has begun the study for the conversion of Diablo into our language.

It will not be an easy process or a safe outcome, but Luciano's commitment must really be emphasized. In particular, all those interested in helping out with our friend for the translation and localization of this and other games can contact him by visiting his site.

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