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Burner, the app for virtual phone numbers

You can create multiple identities and assign each one a phone number to destroy when you don't need it anymore

Burner, one of the most interesting and controversial apps on the mobile scene, has recently updated to its 3.0 version. The software that allows you to create and use different virtual and temporary telephone numbers on your smartphone it has undergone a beautiful redesign and now also supports messaging images.

The basic philosophy remains intact: Burner reports the anonymity of chats where you mask your identity by choosing a nickname in the world of telephony. You cannot choose a personalized mobile number, but in half a minute you can still open several virtual disposable telephone numbers: the result does not change. To use Burner you don't need an additional sim, and once your virtual number becomes useless you can make it vanish.

Most people probably don't need Burner, but those who want to keep the privacy of a personal number separate from the other areas of one's life can do us a little thought. What areas? The developers themselves give some ideas: a temporary number can be useful for online meetings, job searches, temporary projects, announcements on Ebay or simply private conversations. The developers say that legitimate or illegal activities are not for them to judge.

Despite having been around for quite a while, the app is still available only in the United States and Canada, where for continues to be met with considerable success.


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