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Appy Weather for Windows Phone brings the predictions on the lock screen

Thanks to the new update, the promising weather app now supports the lock screen

(Photo: Bardi Golriz)(Photo: Bardi Golriz)

Appy Weather is updated, one of the most promising weather apps on the Windows Phone scene. With the latest update the software adds the ability to view climate information directly from the lock screen. As a background you can set the classic image of the day of the Bing search engine, a photo of your choice or a gradient of color that changes according to the time of day.

For the rest, Appy Weather maintains features intact that have made it unique: minimal graphics, verbal description of the weather situation, possibility to customize the live tile, receive notifications when it is about to rain and hourly, daily and weekly display of conditions with clear and concise graphics.

Two obstacles could prevent you from downloading it immediately. Meanwhile, the app available English only and, relying also on textual descriptions, this could upset non-English speakers. The second the price: Appy Weather certainly offers more than the competition, but it also costs slightly more than the average: 2.99 euros, with free trial possibility.


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