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Apple tries (and fails) to block the class action against MacBook keyboards

Apple is trying to end a class action who is about to start in California, in which the house of Cupertino is accused of having been aware of defects in keyboards of its most recent MacBooks and of having hidden them from its users.

The keyboards referred to are obviously those with keys with butterfly mechanism, introduced initially on the 2015 MacBook 12 and then extended to every laptop made by the company until 2019. For some time this mechanism has been the source of several problems, due to its unreliability and tendency to cause typing errors and repetitions with extreme ease.

Consumers therefore decided to make a common front, since they too the replacement and repair program – established by Apple to try to stem the phenomenon – did not lead to the desired results, as the problems continue to persist even after these interventions.

Despite this, Apple has applied to block this class action, but the judge Edward Davila (of the San Jose District Court) rejected this proposal, so the company will have to face all the accusations that have been made against it. In addition to the poor efficiency of the repair program, the fact that Apple has not reimbursed users for the costs incurred in finding an effective solution is also disputed.

The Cupertino house has not yet commented on the rejection of its request; in any case, now the class action can go on and this could have very interesting implications for customers. Meanwhile, Apple has begun to solve the problem definitively, abandoning the much disputed butterfly mechanism in favor of one revision of the previous scissor mechanism. A first example of this comes from the brand new 16 "MacBook Pro, which we have just reviewed in the past few hours.