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Apple, no Radeon (for now)

An error". This explanation would have given an Apple spokesman for the publication of specifications and features of the ATI Radeon card on the Apple Store.

The description of the card, as also reported by Macity, were clearly visible to all when, when configuring your system on the virtual store, you chose to click the "more information" button next to the specifications of the RAGE 128 card. There was at least strange, given that at the moment Apple does not offer any possibility of having the card in standard configuration n in build to order. According to some Apple users, the specifications would have been included in view of an upcoming release of such configured systems, perhaps at the next Apple Expo in Paris. In reality, it was more likely that Apple had simply forgotten to cancel the specifications when, at the last moment and at the MacWorld Expo in New York, it decided to cancel an agreement it had already reached with ATI precisely for the build to order on Cubes . How things went then, very well known. Apple, irritated by the release of a statement that anticipated the appearance of Radeon on Mac systems, even recruited a bunch of its employees because, ballpoint pen in hand, removed the characteristics of the ATI cards from the promotional material. Obviously someone forgot to delete the specifications also from the site.

The confirmation that this was an oversight, as mentioned, also comes from Apple that defines "an error" the publication of the characteristics of Radeon on the site without adding anything else.

Actually now the question that everyone gets for how long Jobs' wrath will last and when, therefore, we can see Radeons on Apple computers. The aging of the RAGE 128 produces intolerably ridiculously low speeds in the use of some programs, a situation that could be remedied by the adoption of the Radeon. The hope that the iCeo understands that at this moment instead of punishing ATI is punishing its product line and that, once the anger for the spoiled surprise has subsided, already in Paris it can announce that, at least in build to order, the Radeon cards will be available to consumers