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Apple Music Awards: here are the winners of 2019. Three out of five prizes to Billie Eilish

It's time for year-end announcements for Apple: after the best apps and games of 2019 on the App Store, in fact, the Cupertino company announced the winners of the first edition of the Apple Music Awards, a real contest that celebrates the best and most daring artists, rewarding them for the results achieved during the 12 months.

The Apple Music Awards have been designed to reward the passion, energy and creativity of the most beloved artists in the world. The winners of this first edition come from different musical backgrounds and have stimulated profound social discussions, influenced culture and inspired our customers around the world. We are extremely happy to celebrate them.

Two methods used by Apple to select the victorious this year. The first prize winners Global Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year is Breakthrough Artist of the Year were chosen by the editors of Apple Music experts and trendsetters worldwide, while those for Album of the Year is Song of the Year they are based on Apple Music streaming data.

The winners of the 2019 Apple Awards are:

  • Billie Eilish: the new musical phenomenon that establishes itself as a worldwide artist of the year and that will celebrate this huge success with a performance at the Steve Jobs Theater in live streaming on December 4th at 6.30pm PST. Three prizes awarded by the well-known American singer-songwriter of only 17 years (she will become an adult next December 18):
  • Lizzo: the singer, rapper, singer-songwriter and American actress wins the award Breakthrough Artist of the Year receiving the highest number of Grammy nominations this year.

  • Lil Nas X: the viral phenomenon that wins the Song of the Year thanks to Old Town Road.

Really special and unique in their kind are the awards conceived by Apple for the winning artists. It is a large silicon wafer 30 cm and tailor-made by the well-known technology manufacturer. Below is the implementation process described directly on the official website.

Each prize is composed of a custom-made silicon wafer, suspended between a polished glass plate and a machined and anodised aluminum body. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, the wafers are composed of a silicon disk about 30 cm wide and uniform at the nanometric level. The copper layers are deposited and modeled by ultraviolet lithography to create connections between billions of transistors. The result of this long process, before it is cut to create hundreds of chips, is unique and surprising. As a symbolic gesture, at the heart of the Apple Music Awards are the same chips that we find in devices that bring music from around the world to your fingertips.