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All crazy about wireless

All crazy about wireless

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Behind Apple, which was the first to launch a computer equipped with the possibility of connecting wirelessly on the network, a race for second place is taking place. The C / Net note with an article that puts IBM and Dell among the competitors for the place of honor.

Big Blue will now be showing DemoMobile a series of ThinkPad laptops equipped with wireless network card connectors. Laptops will be on the market at the end of October and with them will also come with Bluetooth models. Dell will arrive earlier, by the end of this month, but its computers will now offer only the integrated antenna and not the circuits needed to mount the cards.

The purpose of both Dell and IBM, which will use the same standard as Airport, is to make inroads into the ever more flourishing "wireless" market in the US that involves a vast audience, particularly the school one. American schools are increasingly demanding products with these features and, at least for now, the only reliable computers that offer wireless connectivity and without the use of complex additional solutions, are those of Apple. Dell and IBM, therefore, hope to reap the benefits of this trend even though it may be more difficult than expected to undermine the Cupertino company. The cost of the transmission stations of IBM and Dell could indeed touch the 1000 dollars, against only the $ 300 of the AirPort Base Station. Instead, computer prices are more accessible. For $ 1400 you buy a ThinkPad with 500 MHz, 12-inch screen and integrated antenna. The connection card included, but is placed externally in the mini-PC slot. Recall that, instead, in the iBooks the card placed internally.

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