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After payments, Snapchat focuses on music

The attack on Sony Pictures has revealed emails of acquisitions and negotiations by Snapchat. In August the meeting with Vevo


What's boiling in Snapchat's pot? A lot of things, judging by the emails leaked from the attack on Sony Pictures, which revealed a dense exchange – reported by TechCrunch – of written narratives acquisitions, projects, negotiations. Interest in the music sector included.

To begin with, there is talk of the acquisition of, which specializes in QR scanning and iBeacon technology, then that of Vergence Labsm which, as reported by Business Insider, amounts to 15 million dollars in two separate payments. Epiphany Eyewear glasses with a built-in video camera are the flagship product of this latter company.

But let's get to the music. It seems that CEOEvan Spiegel has great ideas for promoting artists through its application, and to capitalize on its success. Some collaborations with artists are already in place, and in June Spiegel met with Sony MusicEntertainment sales president Digital Business & Us and said he was interested in bring music to Snapchat.

In August they are instead negotiations with Vevo, you went bankrupt (at the time) due to the economic unsustainability of the offer by Vevo. However, other negotiations with the Vevo itself or with other music video providers could be continued.

(TechCrunch photo)(TechCrunch photo)

Chapter Twitter: CEO, Dick Costolo, met Spiegel last January (almost a year ago), to discuss a pair of "Great ideas".That Snapchat is moving beyond the direction of a clear messaging service for everyone, just think of the recent integration with Square that gave life to Snapcash, for sending money through the app. What will happen to all these acquisitions and what of the negotiations with the other protagonists, all to be discovered.

Meanwhile, Evan Spiegal shared a letter on Twitter that he wrote to his team about the leak. Is titled "keep secrets", And on the one hand recounts the reasons for the negotiations held privately, on the other the regret for the fact that all the internal work ended up in the public square.

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