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A shell for the iPod nano, and everything would be perfect

When a product becomes a legend, you can no longer be surprised by anything. Not even that the icon of American technological journalism, the incorruptible and "very bad" Walt Mossberg launches from the columns of his newspaper, the most authoritative newspaper of the US economy, advice for companies. For Apple in particular. And that with some probability, as has happened in the past with other products, companies pay attention to Mossberg and adapt.

The journalist writes: "I think Apple should include a thin and resistant shell in the packaging of each" nano ", starting as soon as possible. And Apple should also do research to achieve the result of having stronger models in the future. "

What will happen? We do not know, of course, if Apple really will follow Mossberg's instructions. But perhaps, if the company does not deaf to the advice of such an authority, maybe there could be some small "shooting adjustment" in this direction …