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Worker Bee: so it came to Apple

diciembre 2, 2019

Worker Bee: cos arrive at Apple –

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Worker Bee had only been working at Apple for a few weeks when he decided to reveal the secrets of the Cube and new mice by publishing them on Gecities. It is learned from an article in the San Jos Mercury Times that adds unpublished details to the story now in the hands of a county court in Santa Clara. Juan Gutierrez, this is the real name of Worker Bee, was selected by Modis, a work company interim that has long worked with Apple. After an aptitude test, a careful survey of his resume and an interview had been Gutierrez had been placed in the sector that takes care of the quality of the software. All the projects at the final stage passed through his hands for the necessary checks and compatibility. Gutierrez personally saw and tested the Cube, the mice and the keyboards weeks before their actual release precisely because, evidently, Apple needed to verify their compatibility with the software and operating systems released to date. "If things really are this way – some of the people in charge of Modis told Apple at the Mercury Times that they put 10 employees a year at Apple – it's really an embarrassing case. We have been working with Apple for years and we have never had anything to do with anything like that ". Gutierrez was identified by Apple thanks to an investigation carried out on his account with Geocities, cited by the Cupertino company to shed light on the case. The legal dispute should be brought before the judge in the coming months even if at the moment it is not clear what kind of damages Apple will claim to have suffered and what kind of economic demands it will make against the "chiaccherone" employee. Theoretically it could be millions of dollars worth of damages even if the general impression that the Cupertino company will limit itself to demanding a punishment that can be an example for employees and third parties that, once signed a secrecy agreement, are tempted from violating it.

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