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With 3Mobility the ticket is made on board

3 Mobility the commuter app that allows you to buy train or bus tickets via telephone credit and SMS

3 Mobility, the ticket app at your fingertips3Mobility, the handy ticket app

3 Mobility the app developed by 3 Italia for travelers and commuters: those who find themselves unable to reach the wallet in the forced promiscuit of a subway or have forgotten, just this morning, to withdraw, do not find it hard to grasp their value. Created to make life easier for this category of citizens, it allows you to travel more comfortably on public transport, pass the eyes of the inspectors unscathed and why not, improve the liveability of our city.

So, you know, the smartphone, chosen among Samsung, iPhone and Nokia by putting the mobile phone deals included in comparison, always at hand and to buy train or bus tickets today is enough. With 3Mobility, users of 3 Italia will be able to buy a ticket directly from the phone, in just a few taps. If this was already possible before and also for TIM, Vodafone and Wind customers, now the new commuter app allows you to make the purchase without having to store endless text strings or phone numbers.

The novelty of 3Mobility is, moreover, not only in the procedure, but above all in the intermediation guaranteed by the application itself. If on one hand buy even easier, since there is no need to register or possess a credit card, on the other hand, thanks to the app mechanism, it is no longer even necessary to remember the text and the number to which to send the purchase request.

just download the application and choose the ticket; then the software will generate the default SMS and scale the amount directly from the telephone credit. To notify the purchase, then, I will think of a second message, to be shown in case of control, with reported issuing time, validity period and cost of the electronic ticket already obliterated.

To be able to use the service, just download 3Mobility, currently active for STP, Brescia Mobilit, Ataf, AMT, tiemme, ATC, CTT, APAM, APS, cpt, BluBus, CAP, TPL, MOM and aim, as well as for the Municipality of Syracuse; epresto will be available in all major Italian cities. Therefore, it remains only to enjoy the daily pilgrimage from one extreme citizen to another as true smart travelers.

Hurried people will thus be able to avoid the queues, which are also inevitable at the automatic ticket machines. And even the most careless will have no reason to fear having lost the ticket during the journey or not having enough cash, remaining, so to speak, on foot.

In short, mobile ticketing simplifies the life of many users of public transport, allowing the availability of tickets even in the evening or at night and during holidays. And thanks to this automatic service, convenient and easy to use, there will be, perhaps, a more useful reason than Facebook to always travel smartphones in hand.


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