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Wire, the messaging app that challenges Skype

Supported by co-founder Janus Friis, it was launched in the past few hours for Android, iOS and OS X. Many functions and emphasis on design and call quality

(Photo: Wire Swiss)(Photo: Wire Swiss)

Stop it all, Wire comes. The communications startup that has publicly started its Wednesday adventure wants to become the new reference platform for advanced instant messaging. Many have tried, no one has exactly made it: the best continue to contend for the throne with a handful of other suitors; others help to increase background noise and disperse users on their apps.

Obviously too early to say if Wire will have the credentials to get to play the game with the giants, but already enjoys some encouraging assumptions. One above all: to support the efforts of the team of 65 people who gave it life, we put Janus Friis, co-founder of Skype. Something in terms of messaging should know.

Wire indeed draws inspiration from some aspects of the same Skype, but also from WhatsApp and many other apps. The approach for, as Friis told the Guardian, completely original: Wire is not just an attempt to confront something that already exists to make a slightly higher product. a complete reinvention of how communication should work.

There is already for Android, iOS and Mac OS X, while a version html 5 for PC and other web based devices due for release next quarter. The app is based on two-way or group conversations, in which they can be dragged advanced multimedia elements both in upload from the device of each as movies and photos; either already on the net as YouTube videos or Soundcloud audio tracks.

Just the audio for one of Wire's winning cards: the calls take on a preponderant role within the app, and the signal compression algorithm the advanced open source Opus codec, able to guarantee quality and stability of communicationseven with a relatively low bandwidth available.

The minimal and swipe-based interface, the pleasant graphics, the smooth operation. Wire even has a special attention to safety(even if in this context WhatsApp's latest move has displaced everyone): voice communications are end-to-end coded and external partners are periodically asked to test the reliability of the infrastructure.

Missing only video calls, which will be added later, and of course users. Wire indeed starts from scratch, and if it does not reach a critical mass in a short time it will be abandoned even by the pioneers who will install it in this first period.

This is why the developers have made the package as appetizing as possible even for those who are simply curious and want to take a look. Conversations all remain in the cloud and synchronize between devices without jams unlike WhatsApp; the service is born thinking about the mobile world, unlike Skype, and designed for go easy on the battery of the smartphone. Finally, to register, you don't need phone numbers to associate the account with: just your name, email and password.

Even the price at the moment is not a problem. The free app, and before arriving at the time of deciding which business model will be in place (no advertising, they assured) will pass the time.


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