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Tom Siebel: and I sell everything to Larry Ellison (Oracle)

"With just one move – says Larry Ellison – we have become the largest Crm company in the world". This is the best synthesis of the economic shift that is shaking the market, in a day that saw almost ten billion dollars pass through announcements or confirmations of acquisitions in the IT field. First eBay that buys Skype, now Oracle that launches its purchase offer on Siebel.

The group led by Larry Ellison, eccentric and ingenious computer tycoon as well as a very old friend of Steve Jobs, announced that he had bought Siebel, the software manufacturer for customer relationship management, for a value of 10 , 66 dollars, equal to about 5.85 billion dollars overall (ie 3.61 billion net compared to the 2.24 billion cash present in Siebel cash and necessary to refinance the acquisition transaction since then the company will come with all probability withdrawn from the stock market).

Oracle acquires the leading position in the CRM software market with four thousand customers and 3 million and 400 thousand active CRM workstations.

Tom Siebel, founder of the company of the same name that after having founded it had passed only in the last year in second line (giving up the function of CEO and taking for itself only that of president), he commented observing that ?the combination between the applications of Siebel and the ability to develop and deploy Oracle to improve Siebel's CRM products will produce even more value for our customers. "

There are three main types of acquisitions in the technology market: technology shopping (a big company buys a small one for its innovative inventions, typical of the big ones who buy the tiny ones), customer shopping (a leading company buys another companies of the same market to increase the advantage of marketshare towards competitors) or – as in this case – purchases of everything, technologies, customers, brands and managers.