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There will be no webcast

diciembre 2, 2019

There will be no webcast –

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From a MacWorld UK communication, not without a bit of controversy. In fact, we read the considerations made by the editorial staff of the online English newspaper that reports Apple's statements according to which the Paris Expo would have been equated with the American ones, for which there are webcasts and satellite broadcasts, while for the European one there are there will be nothing of all, bearing witness to the consideration of our market. The cost for a direct satellite certainly high and perhaps not justified given the low audience, as well as for a direct via webcast, however a delayed transmission of 15 minutes as will be done for the other events and interviews it didn't seem impossible, all in all a couple of cameras are enough and little more than the equipment already provided for the other transmissions. Shit willing or otherwise, we will try anyway to follow the event in the best of possible ways, our envoys from Paris will keep us updated day by day on everything that happens in the Alps .

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