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The hidden options of the Android keyboard

The latest versions of the Android native keyboard are complete with features and customization options such as the most wanted counterparts (and for a fee)

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

The default keyboard of the Android operating system, is often unfairly mistreated by the most savvy users for its alleged lack of flexibility and options. The latest versions actually don't have too much to envy of the more advanced counterparts on Google Play: swipe and suggestions work in a more than dignified way and, moreover, by diving into the settings menu with enough courage, it is also possible to modify many parameters within certain limits.

In addition to choosing the theme from among four options, you can adjust the duration of feedback tactile (ie the vibration) that is given in response to the pressing of the keys; or the time in milliseconds when you need to hold down the keys before they display theirs secondary function, such as brackets and punctuation; but above all through the custom men menu you can set the keyboard according to the Dvorak and Colemak or layout add a row of keys dedicated to numbers.

To be sure that the options are all present, all you need to do is jump to the Play Store and download the latest version of the keyboard: once updated, you will find the settings in the language menu and enter them in the phone settings.


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