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The first update for WallStreet

diciembre 2, 2019

The first update for WallStreet –

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The WallStreet series was viewed with suspicion at its presentation due to the impossibility of updating the CPU, the potential buyers came from generations of PB 5xx and PB 1400, both models with very long life thanks to the processor updates; well, two years later NewerTech presented the first update for this series of laptops, albeit with some limitations. The first drawback is having to send back the processor board for the update, in fact the Roms of the machine are soldered to the processor board and Newer must intervene directly on the card, with the result of not having the machine available for several days. The drawbacks stop there, then the machine, once updated, flies to 466 Mhz, with a battery consumption quite similar to the standard version and less overheating thanks to the new technology of the mounted processor. Attention, if you have a machine with the 83 Mhz data bus, the 250 and 292 Mhz models, the upgrade will reach 458 Mhz and not 466. For 599 dollars you can insert your order directly on the newerstore.

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