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The dependence on social networks causes social isolation: a university study

A university study on the use and dependence on social networks reveals that the use of social media is increasingly linked to social isolation.

There are those who use them to pretend to be someone else, there are those who spend time looking at the lively lives of others, there are those who develop a form of dependence on social networks. University studies are not needed to take note of everything, yet the new research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reveals something deeper and more worrying: for young people, social media may not be "social" at all, on the contrary, they would be the cause of social isolation.

Dependence on social networks causes social isolation

The study, carried out by University of Pittsburgh researchers, reveals that increased use of social media is linked to ever higher levels of perceived social isolation in short, the dependence on social networks actually isolates people.

Responses from young people aged 19 to 32

The researchers asked 1,787 participants in the age group that involves i young people aged 19 to 32 years, their habits with social media, but also how they feel in the real world. The research team measured their degree of agreement with statements like "I feel that people barely know me" or "I feel that people are around me, but not with me." But there were some limitations: the participants reported their personal use of social media and therefore the answers were subject to distortions such as, for example, individual memory. The results cannot also refer to other age groups, of course.

The social media subject of the study

Survey participants who widely use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit they perceived themselves in isolation. Research confronts us with a thorny question: people feel more isolated due to the means of social communication, or people who feel isolated tend to engage in social media as a form of connection and connection that aims to tend towards the others?

Active or passive

Does the study postulate that such a question could be addressed by examining the type of social media to which people engage, or whether they "postman" and "chat" with friends or if they pass the feed passively by observing others' activities without getting involved?

New questions

Although these questions still remain unanswered, the researchers stress that the feeling of isolation is often associated with negative health effects such as weight, sleep and immune function. Therefore, by examining the use of social media and consequently – its effects or motivations, it would be easier to combat loneliness.

Dependence on social networks causes social isolation