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The best Cydia Tweaks for iOS Jailbreak 9.3.3

diciembre 2, 2019

The jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 has been released and means that you can install some of your favorite changes and hacks on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While the developers are working to get the compatibility of their Cydia Tweak for iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak, there is someone still not compatible with it. In this list you will find the Tweak Cydia for iOS 9.3.3 already updated Jailbreak that can not miss on jailbreak devices. You can also read the best 20 iOS 9 free tweak jailbreaks.

Tweak Cydia for iOS 9.3.3To help you install the best tweaks on your jailbroken iOS device and get the most out of it, we've compiled a list of the best Cydia Tweaks for Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 on jailbreak devices that you should consider after installing the iOS 9.3 jailbreak. 3. If your device is not yet jailbroken, read our iOS 9.3.3 Pangu Guide in English. PC and Mac.

The best Cydia Tweaks for iOS Jailbreak 9.3.3


This list would not be complete without entering the tweakActivator. A package that depends on other tweaks, Activator allows users to assign custom actions in response to triggers such as double-tap on the status bar or gesture with a three-finger tap and so on.



Alkaline another Tweak you need to have if you want to customize the look of your jailbroken iPhone. It allows you to change the display of your iPhone's battery, Wi-Fi and other data indicators.



Anemone the new alternative to the more popular Tweak Winterboard. With it, you can apply themes to your iOS device and give it a new look. It supports application themes and icons, App UI, home screen folder icons and much more. The themes can be downloaded from Cydia and applied by the Anemone app.



When you want to view e-mail attachments in iOS Mail, you need to download and open each one individually. AttachmentFlow an awesome Tweak that displays all the thumbnails of the attachments inside the Mail app. You can preview the images and other files that are attached in an e-mail.

$ 1.99

Browser Changer

Do you prefer a third-party web browser on iPhone rather than Safari? Browser Changer a jailbreak tweak that allows you to change the default browser you prefer. This means that when a link is opened by another application, it will open in your favorite browser, rather than on Safari.


BytaFont 3

With BytaFont 3you will have the option to change the default font of iOS to any other third-party font you want. These fonts can be found in Cydia in the "Font" section.



Inspired bytoggleswatchOS, Creammakes the Control Center more attractive by applying different shades of color to each of the toggles. Those that are enabled will be colored to understand that they are turned on, while those that are spent will have a light gray default color.


Cercube 3

Cercube a Tweak that you must necessarily have if you use frequently YouTube on your iPhone. The tweak lets you download videos to your device so that you can watch them at any time even in offline mode. It also allows you to export Music audio, play audio in the background without keeping YouTube open, viewing videos in 1080p and much more.


Eclipse 3

The tweak Eclipse 3 brings the night mode all over the iOS system. Change the theme of all application interfaces with a darker color scheme that makes it easier to read at night and reduces the effort of your eyes.

$ 0.99


Apple has added the much needed Control Center feature in iOS 7, which gives you quick access to system toggles, music control, AirPlay, Airdrop and applications from any iOS track, including the lock screen. However, the number of disorganized toggles and quick launch applications are limited.

FlipControlCenter addresses this limitation, allowing you to add additional toggles and Quick Launch options from the Control Center. You can also customize the order and remove or add toggles from the Settings.



With KeyVibeyou can set a vibration on your iOS 9 device. Due to some limitations, the tweak only works on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

KeyVibe can find it in the following repo:


iCaughtU Pro

Apple has made "Find my iPhone", the function is much more reliable with the addition of Activation lock. This feature makes it impossible to use the device to a person who stole the iOS device. However, this method is not yet infallible when it comes to monitoring your stolen device, in case the device shuts down the device.

This aspect where the Tweak iCaughtU Pro comes to help. Not only does it not allow dispatching the device, which would make "Find my iPhone" ineffective, but also a picture of the person trying to turn it off or unlock using an incorrect access code, and send it together with the GPS position, which can be very useful to take the thief.

$ 2.50


iCleaner allows you to remove unnecessary files from your iOS device and clean up the iOS device memory, which can become a valuable asset over time. Removes unnecessary files, such as message attachments, cookies, Safari cache, application cache and more.



iFile offers a complete file manager and viewer for iPhone. It also gives access to the device files such as the Mac Finder. It also allows you to edit text files and the structure list, which can be very useful in some cases.

$ 4.99 after the 7-day free trial

Instagram ++

Do you want to save photos and videos from Instagram on your Film Camera? If yes, then you will have to try Instagram ++. The tweak allows you to save photos and videos on the device, manage multiple Instagram accounts, copy / share text, magnify latimestamp messages and so on.

Instagram ++ can find it at the following repo:



Inspired by Apple Watch's notification style, the tweak changes the appearance of the notification previews in the iPhone lock screen displaying them as a series of cards rather than a text string. Each notification will be displayed as a card, just like the one you see on an Apple Watch.

$ 2.99

Phantom for Snapchat

Snapchat allow users to set a timer for capturing photos. If you want to get rid of this limitation and watch the snapshots you get from your friends as many times as you want, you'll have to try Phantom for Snapchat. The tweak also offers many other improvements and functions such as the spoofing position, saving the shots received on the camera roll, sending images and videos from the camera roll, adding new effects and stickers to your shots.



The Picture in Picture mode is a useful feature that is only available for some iPad models. If you have a jailbroken device, then you can enjoy the function of all iOS 9 devices using Tweak picture-in-picture by Ryan Petrich.

You can find the tweak on the following repo:

Poke ++ for Pokemon Go

Too lazy to go out and get the Pokemon? Or can't you play the game due to some disabilities? Try the tweak Poke ++ forPokemon Go. The simple trick lets you walk anywhere in the game by simply tapping on the map and also allows you to chat with other players.

You can download the tweak from this repo:

The new 3D touch technology introduced by Apple limited devices like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus. RevealMenu a jailbreak tweak that brings 3D Touchanche to other devices and mimics its functionality. Touch and hold on an app icon to call up the 3D Touch and display its shortcut menu.


Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 a very popular jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize all the elements of iOS that range from the Lock screen to the Home screened to the animations. You can completely change the iOS look with this incredible Tweak jailbreak.

$ 2.99


If you were a fan of Zephyr, the jailbreak tweak that brought gesturemultitasking on the iPhone, then you'll like it tooTage. It allows you to access the app settings area, close applications, switch apps using gestures. It also includes Auxo, a function similar to Quick Switchered quite responsive and beautiful to use. It's our favorite jailbreak tweak released in 2014.



TypeStatus tells you who has written you a message in the status bar so you don't have to open the Messages application to find out who has written.


VirtualHome 8 n 9

With VirtualHomeyou no longer need to press the Home button to return to the home screen or the app switcher. The tweak allows you to double-tap the Home / Touch ID button to go to the home screen or place your finger on it to open the app switcher.

$ 1.49

WhatsApp ++

A tweak that users who use WhatsApp frequently must have WhatsApp ++,which allows you to hide the display and the last status seen by the contacts, deactivates read receipts and delivery receipts, adds your profile photo without having to crop it, blocks WhatsApp with access code or TouchID and much more.

WhatsApp ++ can be found in the following repo:


Zeppelin allows you to change the operator's logo on your jailbroken iPhone. So, instead of displaying the name of your manager, you can change it with the Batman, Apple or even the Pac-Man logo.

These are some of the best Cydia Tweaks for Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 which we think you should try on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Jailbreak. If there is any other tweak that should be added to this list you can ask about it in the comments section below.

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