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The best apps to create impressive images

5 smartphone apps and 2 tools available online: get ready to say goodbye to any basic graphics software you're using (and create dozens of images)


Not only i social media something they like to create images or infographics that are capable of sharing so many shares, but we also all like to see when someone shares or retypes our posts, or having waves of traffic on our blog.

Here are four apps to create original images capable of generating traffic and perfect for visual marketing, plus two extra tools currently available only via the web.

Canva,the app to create images and graphics for websites and social networks


Canva an online platform for graphic design. Available for a few days and also available as an app for iPad, it makes it easy to create images of any kind at any time.

I warn you in time: it can be addictive.

The appoffre a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily create posters, posters, presentations or infographics without being familiar with the most popular graphics programs – let alone the license – and to publish them in print, on the Web or in social media. The application, which can be downloaded free of charge, allows you to either upload your own photos from the iPad archive or from Facebook, or to use a large set of graphic elements and fonts available for free. It also provides access to the complete Canva library with layouts, photographs and illustrations, at the price of 1 dollar for each premium item. Offers many pre-set templates for the most common uses, otherwise you can start from scratch by creating an image with the exact dimensions we need.


Canva for iPad also boasts a photo editor that allows you to get good quality results. Also, very useful when you need to share a graphic project with someone: a quick way to create layouts and collaborate with customers, eliminating the need for frustrating e-mail exchanges.

Notegraphy, the Instagram of words


Notegraphy is a free app for Web, iOS and Android dedicated to all those who want to have fun with typography, regardless of their experience with programs like Adobe Illustrator or similar, and create images with striking text that can then be shared with your friends online. Just as Instagram has made photo-editing easy and accessible, so Notegraphy wants to do the same thing with fonts and typography. the perfect app for those who like to do sophisticated and share quotes on social networks.


To start you need to touch the pen icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then write the quote or phrase chosen, just like you would in a traditional text editor. Notegraphy therefore offers a series of different templates, called Style, for transform the text into a wonderful work of typography. The choice of styles is found at the bottom of the screen and, just like Instagram, selecting each template you get a preview updated instantly. Notegraphy also a mini social network, allows you to explore the notes created by other users to take inspiration from words and design.

Viz, the app to create cool diagrams


If you need to create diagrams on the fly for your presentation or share data in a visually effective way Viz is the app for you. Simple and quick to use, available for iOS only for payment.

The diagrams are displayed on the smartphone immediately, so they can be immediately shared on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or be saved as .jpg images and then sent via email, ready to be used in the next presentation. Five different color sets are available and five different types of charts: bar, pie, cloud, histograms and rings.

Pictual, to transform words into imagesscr1Also this is an app to send illustrated messages – available only for iOS only – which allows to transform the text into images of effect, it does not do it only by making available to the beautiful fonts, but above all it uses images that can better represent our state of mind, our emotions and our personality.

Pictual's founder, Chintan Intwala, has been working for Adobe Photoshop for 7 years, and during this experience he was told how much a simple tool to use to create images ready to be published was needed. hundreds of models to use, which already contain a nice set of very cool fonts, special effects and dynamic layouts.


Spruce, to create images to share on Twitter


Spruce, currently available only via the web, a tool still in beta launchesuemesis does: every couple of weeks or so, new features are added. Very simple and immediate, it is used to create illustrated texts to share immediately on Twitter, or to save on your computer and share where you want. You know, visual posts are much more impactful, even tweets with images receive 150% more retweets.

It offers two basic things: the availability of different fonts for text and millions of free images to use as a background. You can also upload your own photo to use as a background. Once created, you can tweet your image or download it to schedule its publication. Certainly not a tool suitable for professional use, but an excellent resource for those who use Twitter for personal use and who in a few seconds can create and publish photos with a text message.

PicMonkey, the free photo editing site


Web tool well known especially for online photo editing, PicMonkey, similar to Canva, manages to do everything and more. PickMonkey not only free, useful and full of ideas for those short of creativity, but also a very simple application to use, with its drag and drop system anyone can create visual content even without the support of a graphic.

The PicMonkey business model is actually of the Freemium type, with the Royale version you can have many more features, fonts, backgrounds and templates. The free version, however, offers sufficient tools to be able to carry out. To create a simple image without photo editing, one of those to be shared online takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Together with Canva, PicMonkey is the web tool that can help you say goodbye to any basic graphics software you are using. Canva is perfect for design, while PicMonkey is best suited for photo retouching.


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