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The best Apps for students

time to go to school and this involves thinking for questions, homework and the evidence you deserve. Commitments that every student wants to tackle with less effort. Help can be found in the good use of mobile devices, used regularly by almost all students to play and have fun. Let's think about them, instead, also as a study aid. By now, the vast world of apps available for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets contribute a lot in the preparation of a lesson and in the daily study. Below are some of the best Apps for students.

The smartphone and the tablet have effectively become valid study tools and a school tutor. Below I would like to point out some useful apps for every student that can be supported by the thirst for knowledge and learning needs of students.

App for student

The best Apps for students

mathematics "width =" 81 "height =" 81 "srcset =" // 225w, // uploads / 2013/09 / imatematica-160x160.jpg 160w, // 150w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 81px) 100vw, 81px "/> iMatematica</strong> – Available only for <strong>iOS</strong>. a complete application in the study of mathematics. consisting of over 120 topics, over 1000 mathematical formulas, 7 types of calculator. Integrative tool that embraces the various fields of mathematics, from geometry to algebra, from arithmetic to analysis and trigonometry, explaining and deepening theorems and definitions. The app also contains math quizzes, system solvers and graphing calculator.</p>
<p style=ilatinistaiLatinista?Available only foriOS.Lapp contains several sections that delve into the language of our ancestors. Grammar topics are dealt with (Case Syntax, Conjugation, Propositions, Abnormal Verbs, Declinations and Pronouns) with practical examples to better understand this language. You can directly consult a Latin Dictionary or connect online to consult the versions.

chemistry "width =" 95 "height =" 95 "srcset =" // 175w, // uploads / 2013/09 / chimica-160x160.jpg 160w, // 150w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 95px) 100vw, 95px "/> iChimica</strong> – Available for <strong>iOS</strong>. an app that provides the student with everything he needs to know about chemistry. a portable encyclopedia where you can find topics in Chemistry and matter, atomic theory, quantum mechanics, periodic table, chemical reactions, kinetics, electrochemistry, chemical equilibrium. It also offers illustrations, graphs and guided exercises.</p>
<p><strong><img class=Babbel – Available for Android. an app that helps in learning English but also in other languages ??at school, work and tourism. an interactive course with images, pronunciation and example sentences and voice recognition to help with pronunciation. Babbel is an aid both for those who must learn English starting from scratch and for those who are aware of the fundamentals of the English language. A free basic and advanced vocabulary is also available.

Lo Zincarelli 2019– Available for iOS. the most complete and reliable vocabulary reported in a app. The 2017 version contains 145,000 entries, 360 illustrated tables, 11,000 synonyms and antonyms, 12,000 literary quotes. Furthermore, it contains an illustrated Atlas of the Italian language and over 3,000 words of our linguistic tradition to be saved.


The constant integration of smartphones and tablets in our society has led to the development of apps of all kinds. There are many apps created for educational purposes. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of useful apps for the study. There are certainly other Apps for students that are worth discovering. I suggest you also read Come iPad simplifies university life.