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The ATI Radeon in Paris?

Ati now very close to the release of Radeon. The new card, the Canadian company announced yesterday, could be on the market by the middle of the month, respecting the forecasts made in the context of the MacWorld Expo.

The important news because at this point, at least from a theoretical point of view, Apple could begin to offer in build to order systems that present Radeon instead of the now more than dated Rage 128. The conditional is mandatory because as everyone in New York will remember between ATI and Apple the tension that had accumulated for a long time resulted in a resounding refusal by Steve Jobs to give space on the stage to demonstrate the features of the new board. Originally the incredible error of the public relations office of ATI that revealed the specifications of the new machines in advance. The wrath of Jobs also resulted in the cancellation of the announcement of a build to order option with Radeon on the Cube.

Now, with the announcement of the release of the card, this possibility would reopen. Although it is difficult to believe that Jobs has forgotten and forgiven at the time it is also impossible to think that Apple can continue very long with the current Rage as a standard card. These are 18-month-old accelerators that are virtually outdated by all competitor products. Those who make intensive use of 3D, but also simple players, know how tired the Mac performance is when it comes to resting on the acceleration board. The use of the Radeon, a card that in the opinion of the experts able to keep up with the Nvidia GeForce and with the Voodoo 5, could lend a hand to the G4 allowing them to reach the launch of new versions with new processors. So, making the best of a bad job Jobs could decide to withdraw the anathema and reopen the way for ATI.

The earliest date for this step may already be the next Apple Expo in Paris. In that context, Apple could begin to offer Cubes with Radeon as an option and then follow, perhaps later in the fall, the same option on biprocessors.

If this is not the case, Mac users will still be able to purchase the card directly from ATI. An AGP version will be sold at a price of around 600,000 lire from all Mac retailers followed later in the calendar also by a PCI version.