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The 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 6s

diciembre 2, 2019

Whenever Apple Inc comes with a brand new device or a new version of an existing device, we could expect many features like never before! This custom was no different during the launch of the new iPhone version – we mean the iPhone 6s! In addition to performance-oriented improvements, thanks to the A9 chipset and advanced multitasking features, Apple has made some changes to the build of the device, although the iPhone 6 is similar to its predecessor from the first glance. For example, the device uses a brand new form of aluminum – Series 7000 – which guarantees stability. And, Apple is using one of the best smartphones available for the iPhone 6s screen, so you can be a rough user without being aware of it. In addition, Apple has included a fantastic feature: 3D Touch! This feature allows you to manage your iPhone 6s through different touches that vary in terms of applied pressure. So, with regards to the 3D Touch function, you would like to have extra protection that you can use for your iPhone 6s screen. This post will help you find the best 10 iPhone 6s screen protectors for you.

Best protections for iPhone 6S screen

1. Maxboost tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6s

When necessary, protect the iPhone 6s screen without compromising the touch screen sensitivity or tampering with the touch accuracy, the Maxboost Tempered Glass iPhone 6s screen protector is a good choice you can make. Despite the use of tempered glass for production, the screen protector does not cause problems with the 3D Touch function and the protection is the thinnest tempered glass protection – with a thickness of 0, 2 mm. Well, of course, the case is equipped with water repellent and oleophobic coatings so you don't have to worry about oil or water interfering with the screen. It should be noted that the screen protector for iPhone 6s Maxboost in tempered glass comes with a lifetime warranty and the screen protector can be installed in seconds, without leaving any kind of rest. Well, the hardness level 9H, by the way.

  • Price: $ 7, 98
  • Where to buy: Amazon

2. Protection for iPhone 6s screen with Spigen tempered glass

This Spigen tempered glass screen protector – which is too popular for smartphone accessories – features full compatibility with Apple's 3D Touch function. This compatibility was achieved despite the better hardness of the 9H standard class. Therefore, the hardness of the 9H protective screen for iPhone 6s Spigen Tempered Glass may be sufficient to protect the screen from possible damage, such as oils, water, dirt, etc. In addition, the screen protector is also resistant to fingerprints. The screen protector for iPhone 6S Spigen Tempered Glass can offer the best protection for your device's screen without interfering with the viewing experience or screen brightness. Other features of the screen protector include guide stickers for easier installation, curved edges, uncompromising touch screen sensitivity etc.

  • Price: $ 7, 99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

3. Screensaver for iPhone 6s by Yousave Accessories

With Triple Layer anti-scratch technology, Yousave Accessories screen protector for iPhone 6s may be sufficient to protect the iPhone 6s screen, given the hardness and quality of the material used for the construction of the protection. It was made using ultra-thin PET acrylic and there is a silicone-based adhesive layer to make sure that the screen protector can be installed without problems. Moreover, to provide a better visual experience by making the glow as little as possible, Yousave Accessories has included an anti-ultraviolet layer in the protective glass so that the viewing experience is not affected even in brighter environments. The PET-based layer can protect the screen from dirt, water, dust, etc. And the package with five screen protectors, which makes the deal much more convenient.

  • Price: $ 4, 99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

4. Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6S Ionic Pro

The material used for the production of the Ionic Pro tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6 meets a standard hardness of 9H, while maintaining the thickness at an incredible 0.2 mm! However, despite its thinner design, the protector is intended to protect the screen from shatter, dirt, dust, oils and water; and, you can only depend on tempered glass, this is a fact. Speaking of design, we must mention the glossy finishes and beveled edges that improve the usability of the screen protector. Ionic Pro claims that the Ionic Pro tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6s can be a little more resistant to common problems than other products in the range, which is a good thing.

  • Price: $ 7, 85
  • Where to buy: Amazon

5. Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6s by Enther

In addition to the tempered glass that mainly in use, Enther's tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6 uses a layer called Retina Sense, optimized for the best level of protection in its class, despite the protection of transparency and usability of the your device screen. Other noteworthy features of the Enther tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6s are an oil-proof coating that can withstand fingerprints and smudges, protection from accidental drops and falls, etc. And, the tempered glass finish ensures comfort when it comes to using the touch of your iPhone 6s. Furthermore, customers say that the protector installation procedure is too simple and leaves no air bubbles or other problems.

  • Price: $ 9, 99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

6. Protection for iPhone 6s screen with ActionPie tempered glass

Using the thinnest version of the tempered glass in the world, ActionPie has made this screen protector one of the best for your iPhone 6s screen, and we must consider the 9H hardness standard of the material used. The protective layer offers protection from bumps, scratches, falls, etc. Along with common problems like dirt, dust, water, etc. Also, note that the oleophobic and hydrophobic layer and you can take the word of the company for that. It is said that its protective layer is harder than a knife and you can be safe enough to use your iPhone 6s in dangerously more difficult scenarios out there. After all, customers have an impressive opinion on the ActionPie tempered glass protection for your iPhone 6s.

  • Price: $ 6, 99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

7. Supershieldz Ballistic screen protector for iPhone 6s

Combining a thickness of 0, 3 mm and a standard hardness of 9 hours, the screen protector for iPhone 6S Supershieldz Ballistic one of the best protection options available for your iPhone 6s! The protective layer is resistant to a series of problems such as fingerprints, stains, bubbles, etc. Considering all this, this crystalline lens can be a fairly tough protection for the screen. The Supershieldz Ballistic screen protector for iPhone 6s maintains touch accuracy at 99, 99%. It should be noted that the hardness of the material used does not affect the flexibility of the tempered glass layer. In addition, the Supershieldz Ballistic screen protector for iPhone 6 features a lifetime warranty that simplifies everything. The case also received a good opinion from customers.

  • Price: $ 7, 49
  • Where to buy: Amazon

8. Screen protector for iPhone 6s with Sparin tempered glass

When you need maximum compatibility with the iPhone Touch's 3D Touch function, this tempered glass screen saver is a noteworthy accessory for your device. The protective layer has a thinness of 0, 18 mm, which is one of the lowest in the case of tempered glass standards. Furthermore, the brightness was increased by 45% while the weight was lowered by 40%. Furthermore, Sparin Tempered Glass's iPhone 6S screen protector comes with a repeatable installation process, which is a "good thing to do" feature when you don't want to leave any signs of installation or residue on the device screen. It should be noted that the 99% protective layer also in high definition. There are some other features of the layer like magnetic absorption and Sparin's lifetime warranty.

  • Price: $ 6, 99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

9. Screen Protector for iPhone 6S with Ballor Glass technology

The Tech Armor Ballistic Glass iPhone 6S protective screen can offer superb protection for the screen without compromising the style or configuration of your Apple iPhone 6s. The protective layer was manufactured using Clear Ballistic Glass and does not create any problems with the compatibility of the 3D Touch feature of iPhone 6s. And its laser-cut design was noted for its oleophobic and hydrophobic design. In addition, screen protector has been noted for cutting-edge protection against drops, scratches, stains, fingerprints, etc. In addition, the screen protector of the iPhone 6S from Tech Armor Ballistic Glass accompanied by the Tech Armor lifetime warranty. Despite everything, the accessory has an affordable price.

  • Price: $ 8, 95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

10. ENGIVE tempered glass screen protector

This screen protector in tempered glass from ENGIVE is one of the best accessories you can have for your iPhone 6s. The brand with tempered glass can offer protection from various problems, such as scratches, dirt, dust, etc. Furthermore, ENGIVE has incorporated a function called Sensitivity TruTouch, which can improve the sensitivity of the iPhone 6s screen so that you will not even feel the presence. Furthermore, the same technology can help you keep the accuracy of the touch in a new level. Being a dedicated accessory for iPhone 6s, you can be sure that there is access to all the sensors and ports on your device.

  • Price: $ 7, 99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

How do you protect the Retina Display on your Apple iPhone 6s? Do you use one of the screen protections mentioned above? We look forward to hearing from you.

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