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Talla: a service bot that simplifies the AI

Talla has developed a tool called ServiceAssistant – which works as a help desk for IT or HR within Slack or Microsoft Teams.

The startup Talla has developed a tool called ServiceAssistant – which works as a help desk for IT or HR within Slack or Microsoft Teams and offers customers some options on how to use it. It will then be possible to run it as a traditional service desk: the user sends the requests through the ServiceAssistant and here these are processed in order to obtain a response from a human operator.

But there could also be a second possible scenario, in which the customer is facilitated towards automation and the ServiceAssistant provides an automatic response, controlled by a human being before being sent. But if the system enjoys the highest level of automation, it could be the system itself that sends a response, but only if the reliability threshold is higher than a certain level set by the customer.

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<p><strong>Rob May, CEO and co-founder of Talla</strong>, said the company had deliberately used an in-house service model, rather than live customers, because after reviewing the technology, it was understood that the current Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology was better suited to this approach .</p>
<p>The <strong>Talla's ServiceAssistant looks like a user on both Slack and Microsoft Teams. As with any other Slack bot</strong>, users can interact with it by asking questions. In the event that this is set to be an HR assistant, for example, an employee might ask him: Do we have a vacation day on May 1st? If the system had been configured to respond automatically, this example would represent the kind of question that can be answered with a high degree of certainty and therefore could be solved with a simple s or with a no.</p>
<p>If the approach for IT was that of a Help Desk, the question could become more difficult, for example: How do I access QuickBooks? In this case, the system could find more matches and if it had been set up to provide automatic answers, it could ask the interrogator to choose the most relevant one, or he could ask if he wants to open a help desk ticket to move to the question of a being human in order for it to be processed.</p>
<p>The system is tuned to ask questions when it does not understand and to learn from the answers it receives. Since people ask questions in a non-standard way, the system can also learn the various ways to ask a single question.</p>
<p>According to May, even in companies where there are high usage rates for Slack or Team, there may be at least 20% of employees who do not use a similar tool, which is why it was <strong>built a Web App that works via e-mail</strong>, but the ultimate goal is to get people to use conversation tools to ask questions and do it in the most automated way possible.</p>
<p>The company aims to offer its product as something that goes beyond the simple conversational bot, instead it wants to become the place to process IT and HR requests. Slack is currently the most popular system among Talla's customers, but the company believes that it is important to expand the capabilities of different conversation tools to ensure strategic versatility of use in the market.</p>
<p>The company is a genuine startup, with only 16 employees, but with a capital of $ 4.5 million. </p>
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