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#IndustryIoT: Live Webinar March 28th, 3.30pm

Elmec & Cisco in collaboration with Digitalic, are happy to invite you to the exclusive Live Webinar 2.0: # IndustryIoT, broadcast live streaming daglistudi RAI, March 28 at 15.30. More information Here


#IndustryIoT LiveWebinar28 March, 3.30 pm

LIndustry 4.0 represents a strategic challenge for the country and an opportunity for national companies of all sizes. a theme in the agenda of many CEOs and CIOs for 2017.

Discover the IndustryIoT newsand joins RAI's 3D virtual studios, explores innovation in a unique format. Follow 28 March from 15.30 to the most innovative streaming transmission for the IT channel from your PC or mobile phone

PresentsFrancesco Marino,founder of Digitalic

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