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Sony makes its PDA available

Sony makes its PDA available

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Finally available for the market, the new handheld from Sony, which features a Palm OS operating system, seems to be incompatible with our Macs. Although technically there should be no obstacles, the product is actually a Palm even if it is equipped with some proprietary Sony technologies, in the FAQ section of the Sony site we explicitly say that there is no support for MacOS. What leaves us amazed and disappointed at the same time: disappointed because Sony's product is definitely interesting, despite the $ 399 price, you want for the jog-dial navigator, a side wheel that simplifies and speeds up the use of the device, both for the use of memory sticks to expand the memory of the PDA up to 64 Mb (a Palm V at most reaches 8 Mb). It amazes us because the Mac people love PDAs a lot, a good part of Palm's success is due to the Apple audience, always reluctant to solutions like WinCE and that gave the right impulse to take off Palm. We'll see if in the near future Sony decides to retrace its steps and also support our platform.

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