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Seo or not Seo? This is the problem – Interview with Sara Borghi

Let's face the Seo for dummies with Sara Borghi, who has just published a book with many useful tips: Vademecum Seo

Let's face the Seo for dummies with Sara Borghi, who has just published a book with many useful tips on the subject

of Matteo Ranzi

Damn flu of 2017!

It is 7.00 and from 2.40 I am awake to watch over my 6-year-old as a Red Cross nurse. In moments of respite I keep myself awake by reading Vademecum Seo. 100% practical guide from the first steps to positioning by Sara Borghi.At 9.30am I finished reading and finally my son sleeps deeply. A complete, simple, clear and fluent book. Finally, practical tips also applicable to non-experts. I then met Sara, Head of Digital Marketing at ByTek Marketing, and here's what she told me.

When you create a website or a post, think only of usability and write clear, complete and useful texts. A web page made for the reader, without forcing it, will be favored in indexing by Google. true, or work to get good results in terms of positioning far more?

Surely the user comes first. In principle, if a web page created with rigor from the point of view of usability and was designed with the purpose of satisfying the intent of those arriving on our site or blog, then Google will positively evaluate it from a positioning perspective. Then, of course, it depends on the sector and the characteristics of the competitors' websites, which must always be taken into consideration when creating content.

Sara Borghi SeoTechnically optimizing a site, or a post, in terms of SEO is not enough. We need punctual work on backlinks. In summary, how can authoritative links be obtained? Authoritative backlinks, like everything that has value in life, should generally be given to them. To do this, create a relationship with those who are authoritative in a particular sector. Another way is to work on the contents of your site, creating something unique, exclusive and interesting for your readers and therefore attracting the attention of media and influencers. The last way is to effectively and passionately resolve the problems of the people to whom one turns with one's products and services.

Backlinks can be a poison if they come from junk sites. A competitor can then make on your negative SEO site by filling you with malicious backlinks. How can you save yourself?

The negative Seo is one of the evils of our sector. We mean the set of strategies implemented with the intention of causing damage and compromising the reputation of another website in terms of positioning on search engines, generally using low quality links. To prevent it, I advise you to keep monitored daily: your link profile ; rankings for strategic keywords (using rank tracking tools such as SemRush); traffic to your site through web analytics; messages from Google within the Google Search Console. To eliminate any negative backlinks, you can use the Search Console, which is the tools for Webmasters provided by Google that allow you to view the list of the last incoming links. removed what caused the penalty, well send Google a reconsideration request.

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone to click on your link if you are not among the very first results in Google's Serp. It is no longer useful to get results with Sem activity.

Big question. The game is not played exclusively between Seo and Sem. Sem's activities in certain sectors can be very expensive and not very sustainable in the long run. The Seo, although involving an investment in terms of time (and therefore also economic, if you turn to a consultant) rather large in the initial phase and despite being slower, allows a website to build its own authority over time, which makes it a less volatile and much more scalable activity than the Sem. You can suggest a useful scheme to structure a post? Title tags and Meta descriptions should never be missing to incentivize the click from the Serp (results page) of Google. Both must include the main keyword on which the article is based.Use short URLs and SEO friendly, which include the keyword of the post.Create a captivating title starting from the target keyword: The bathroom as you never saw it: here are the 8 perfect bulbs better than the best LED bulbs for the bathroom. Enter a single H1. Make use of internal linking. Insert 1 or 2 links to some authoritative external resource (eg: Wikipedia). Make sure that the name of the image file includes the target keyword (for example, cioccolato_bianco.png) and that the keyword is also included in the Alt Text of the image. Infographics, videos and diagrams can reduce the bounce rate and increase the time spent on the site: two critical positioning factors regarding user interaction on the site. Use structured mark-up, where possible, and a moderate use of bold. Insert a call to action (Cta), which invites the user to take the next step. Encourage readers to leave a comment at the end of the post.

Use a plug-in for sharing content on social networks favors positioning? Are there specific points in the text where you recommend putting sharing buttons?

There is no direct causality between sharing content on social media and positioning, let alone using a plug-in for sharing on social media and positioning. Having said that, inserting it can surely favor the discovery of its contents, support its virality, lead to an increase in traffic and backlinks. Sharing buttons should be placed in such a way as not to distract the reader in the middle of the article, therefore preferably at the bottom to the post in the case of a blog.

Make it short that people don't have time to read. a useful suggestion for writing a post, or counter-productive?

The best practices always leave the time they find in the SEO and the performance of their content should be measured by means of Web Analytics tools.

Is there a tool to choose the keywords with which to develop a post?

There are so many! One on all Google Keyword Planner, which is free. For a complete list, I recommend reading this post:

Last suggestion for those preparing for DIY in the SEO?

Study, read, but above all practice. Good luck!


Sara Borghi33 years old, from Modena, after graduating in Economics and Marketing from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, he attended a Masters in International Tourism at the University of Italian Switzerland. He has worked in the US and Australia for digital marketing agencies. Today he lives again in Italy, where he is responsible for Digital Marketing at ByTek Marketing (

The bookSEO Vademecum: 100% practical guide from the first steps to positioning, the beginner's handbook by Sara Borghi, practical and full of examples, offers what you need to get authoritative links and visibility on your website. The focus of the book is to attract the right traffic to your site, or the traffic that you are inclined to buy your products or services.vademecum-seo-for-beginners "width =" 300 "height =" 300 "srcset =" .jpg 300w, 150w, /uploads/2017/04/vademecum-seo-per-principianti-768x768.jpg 768w, jpg 1024w, 610w, uploads / 2017/04 / vademecum-seo-for-beginners -1080x1080.jpg 1080w "sizes =" (max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px "/></p>
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