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ROKR, at the end of September in Italy

Will Motorola's phone come with iTunes in Italy? The question if they will certainly be placing many after the mobile announcement.

The answer comes from the same Motorola that, as already mentioned by Macity, sets the availability of the phone at the end of September.

In Italy, those who want to buy ROKR if they have to pay (by buying it from some of the major mobile phone retailers) at full price. No operator in fact, at least at the moment, seems willing to subsidize the purchase, proposing it at a reduced cost.

The inability to find a telephony carrier that supports the launch of ROKR by selling it as an operator brand could be the consequence of the fact that the phone does not buy music directly "over the air" and the lack of agreements of this type with cellular operators. In Italy the main carriers, in fact, already operate in the online music sales sector and may not like the availability of a phone that downloads songs, but only from the computer, limiting the need or, better, the desire to do the same thing paying the amount due to the carrier itself (which usually requires a lot more, both in song costs and for GPRS traffic) than it costs from Apple.

In the same conditions as Italy, France and Germany, as well as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, seem to find themselves, at least in the Motorola press release. There may be some agreements with telephone operators in Australia, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong, but Motorola does not specify exactly which ones.

The Canadian users (where there is an agreement with Roger Wireless) have more precise information, the British ones (agreement with Carphone Warehouse, already by mid-September, O2 after a few days, followed by Orange, Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile and others by October). Needless to say, American users who can have ROKR (if they have a subscription of at least two years) for $ 249 with Cingular (here the three TV commercials, in Flash format).