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RAI in Matera: culture is digital innovation

Culture is not just conservation. Culture continually innovating starting from what art and history have given to Italy. Rai Com brings the large RAI companies to Matera to discuss Public service

Matera the story that became geography, a film set that crossed the borders of the world and on the way to the appointment European Capital of Culture 2019 the city that hosts the conference Culture and public service broadcasting Rai Com.The culture not only conservation, not a reliquary in which to protect the memory of the past. Culture continually innovating starting from what art and history have given to Italy. Culture an Excel sheet said Carlo Puca, journalist of Panorama and author of the book Il Sud Must Die explained commented: we must think that there is a real culture when able to produce returns. Culture is not charity, an investment.

Rai and Culture

Andrea Vianello For Andrea Vianello, RAI journalist and former director of Rai 3, the one that differentiates RAI's close relationship with the territory, in this different from any other reality. Besides being the public service TV with the highest audience in Europe.

The relationship with Matera is an example of how Rai interprets the idea of ??public service in a unique way Andrea Fabiano, director of Rai 1: Matera, the setting for one of Rai 1's most successful fiction films, like Sorelle. The story was changed when it was decided to turn it to Matera to exploit and enhance the beauty of Matera. the concrete symbol of the work that RaiFiction is carrying out. Stories are a fundamental element also for widespread culture, to affect awareness.

Andrea Fabiano Rai Matera

The centrality of the Digital

Rai Matera

For Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture, the most important challenge will be to make any product content available digitally, because identity and history, thanks to the web and social media, go beyond geographical boundaries. Said Paolo, Verri Director of the Matera 2019 committee – to make the Italian identity stronger. The culture makes the story of beauty interconnecting the world, as much as possible.

Separate the Rai?

On the subject of public service, the most heated discussion at this time is the renewal of the Rai public service concession, with great controversy over the management of revenues from the fee and from advertising.

Lonely Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Culture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and responsible for the PD culture intervened on this very sensitive and under the spotlight. To check how much you do as a public service and how much as a private company that goes on the market freely. This accounting separation works, however, only a posteriori and judged insufficient by Agcom, I am in favor of greater functional separation. Which means that some channels should do public service and others that have an economic structure and totally private, commercial content. Another idea to abandon has continued Lorenza Bonnaccorsi – signal with the blue stamp the programs that adhere in all to the public service, also because this would open a series of problems. Another unrealistic cap of the salaries for the cast of broadcasts: if a part financed by advertising the ceiling to 240,000 euros does not make sense.

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