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Prices of LCD monitors in descent

Prices of LCD monitors falling

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LCD monitor prices are set to halve before Christmas. This is supported by other manufacturers like Acer in some statements reported by Computer Weekly.

To determine the lowering of prices there would essentially be the entry into operation of the new Samsung super-plant and the debut on the market of Taiwanese producers. These two concomitant factors would allow an increase in stocks and a reduction in prices. In particular, the Taiwanese monitors would cost, already from today, about 30% less than those produced in Korea that dominate on store shelves.

We recall that Apple recently invested millions of dollars precisely in the Samsung plant to have privileged access to the production of LCD monitors. The Cupertino company is very explicitly focusing on this sector; just consider that at the time of the three monitors available with the Apple brand, two are liquid crystal.

Not everyone is convinced that new LCD monitor manufacturers will mean real price cuts. Some analysts are in fact convinced that market dynamics will try to keep profit margins high by increasing the size of the screens. At the moment the vast majority of LCD displays do not exceed 15 ? while in the CRT sector the standard size is 17 ?.

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