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Netatmo: Apple HomeKit Secure Video support for smart cams

Netatmo has recently released a firmware update for his indoor and outdoor video cameras, presented at the last IFA edition in Berlin. The new software version enables ad support Apple HomeKit Secure Video, allowing more advanced control and registration, via the Home app.

The Apple site – link in SOURCE – confirmation both devices have joined the list HomeKit Secure Video, function which it allows you to record and safely archive the videos recorded by the cameras, taking advantage of the iCloud space, which will replace the microSD memory card.

The firmware is distributed remotely, and it was identified with the number 425. To take advantage of the video recording on iCloud, you will need to have a paid plan of at least 200GB of storage and a HomePods, Apple TV or iPad at home, to process and analyze videos.

For those interested in purchasing one of the Netatmo video cameras, the manufacturer is offering significant discounts on their entire product range on the occasion of the Cybermonday day, which we are monitoring from this morning with our usual live blog.