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Music discounted by mistake on iTunes Japan. Apple slide?

The difference between 1,500 and 50 Yen is the one that runs between 11 euros and 37 cents. A great deal for the buyer, if it's a discount. A bad deal for the seller, if it is a mistake in pricing the products. Mistakes that are among the most common of what you think (happened some months ago in Italy to some sites that sell laptops of a Japanese brand) and that turn into very fast runs to take advantage of the "slip" before the operator put a patch on it.

Also because the sales contract, once completed with the delivery of the goods and the agreed sum, is difficult to reverse, especially for low figures and high numbers. In the case of the iTunes Music Store of Japan, the Apple store opened a few weeks ago and already records with a million songs sold in four days, virtually impossible to remedy. The news comes from the Japanese newspaper Asashi Shimbun.

Once the field was cleared of a "mistake wanted" to make a number at the opening – the discounted thirty-fold albums appeared ten days after the opening – Apple's Cupertino will probably be wondering who to punish for error and how to retaliate.

Assuming that there are not enough economic legal instruments to start an action to reinstate the correct sum towards the buyers – a few thousand even if it was just a few hours, but there are no safe numbers – one wonders how Apple can do. Probably, even if officially never been communicated, the Japanese store entrusted to some company in that country that is now sweating cold. An error of this kind can be just cause to terminate the management contract and to pave the way to an expensive cause for damages.

Underground struggles that probably the general public will never know. However, who among the Japanese could take advantage of the unusual content discount and who knows that shop goers will not increase even more, just to see if such cases will not be repeated in the future?