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Most popular apps: Snapchat is at the top of the charts

Snapchat first in the ranking. first among the most popular Apps. The most frequently searched word on the App Store "Snapchat".

Snapchat ranks first in the iOS App Store ranking for searches: first among the most popular apps. Snapchat's share price may be a little lower than the boom at the IPO. Some skeptics say it's a flash in the pan, others bluntly expect a flop. The company Snap, from his, launches a challenge e points to the growth of active users.Snapchat guide among all competitors in terms of search volume on the App Store. In other words, the word that people search most frequently on the App Store "Snapchat". This brings her to the head of the special list of the most popular apps in the world

App Store ranking1 Snapchat2 Instagram3 Facebook4 Youtube5 Kik6 Twitter7 Tinder8 Messenger9 Pandora10 Netflix11 Spotify12 Google13 Uber14 Whatsapp15 Amazon

Facebook has both the second and third positions with its "Instagram" and "Facebook" applications. Google holds fourth place with "YouTube". And the messaging startup for teenagers, Kik, in fifth place followed by Twitter. Almost 60% of the first 500 terms searched in the App Store have to do with applications directly linked to big brands: whether they are names of companies or names of applications . And this is 80% for the top of the top 200 positions and represents 90% of the top 50 positions. And in the top ten? The brands are 100% busy.The first non-branded term that appears in the game search results and occupies the eighteenth position. The following term VPN (virtual private network) is interesting for various reasons. As people are increasingly interested in their privacy and are increasingly concerned about government surveillance of digital assets, they are turning to VPN providers to increase their security.