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Macally Bluetooth Mouse Micro: the review

With the inclusion of a Bluetooth transceiver in almost all the CPUs produced by Apple, from the Mac mini to the iMac G5, from the portable ones to the desktop, the opportunity to purchase a wireless mouse without resorting to external keys for radio frequency transmission, pushes many Mac users have a pointing device based on the de facto standard in short-range wireless networks.

Apple, which has recently introduced its first mouse NOT monotasto offers in bluetooth version only its original mouse without wheels or additional keys and who wants to use them, for necessity or comfort, must turn to third-party products like the Macally one that we review .

For Macally this is not the first wireless mouse or even the first bluetooth mouse product, there are other devices based on radiofrequency technology and also another model of similar size but the solutions adopted on BT Jr make the pointer in some ways unique in its field: let's see them together in this review on this MacProf page