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Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod

Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

Not a novelty the use of the iPod in wireless mode but Logitech has thought of a technology of its own to ensure the best quality of transmission and avoid interference by itself. The system is made up of two devices, on the one hand a transmitter (equipped of its own rechargeable power supply) that hooks onto the upper part of the iPod and picks up the signal from the headphone output, on the other a receiver (always with the possibility of recharging or direct connection to the network) that takes the radio signal and sends it via a RCA or miniJack connection to home stereo or powered speaker system.

It is not necessary to format audio tracks with special codecs; of the transmission and reception the Logitechche Music Anywhere technology is taken care of according to the house allows to maintain a high quality, have no interference even thanks to the pairing of the two devices made in the factory.

Within a radius of 10 meters from the amplification system you can use your iPod directly choosing playlists and songs to play and using the player for all its other functions such as reading the lyrics of the songs themselves or the consultation of news, contacts etc.

The price of the system will be 150 US Dollars and it will also be possible to add additional receivers (at a price of 80 dollars) to be able to connect in other areas of the house and to other speakers.

The product should be marketed starting in October, at that time you should also have the prices for sales in Europe.

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