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KeyNote: protest canceled

diciembre 2, 2019

KeyNote: protest canceled –

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The British group of users and retailers who had threatened to interrupt the introductory conference of Jobs in Paris, issued a press release according to which the protest itself will no longer exist. The motivation determined by the fact that the same group managers were contacted by the European Apple executives to discuss the problems reported behind closed doors. According to the widespread communication, this attitude of Apple would be a success, but we believe that it is more likely to be a political move to avoid disputes and possible incidents during the keynote. If indeed the reasons of the protesters will be taken into consideration we will see it, certain that the European market has suffered several discriminations by Apple, even if for reasonable market issues: the cancellation of fairs, the change of keyboards, the delays of localization and so on this step. To be honest, it must be said that Apple's efforts towards greater consideration of the European market are starting to look timidly, machines are available relatively quickly since launch, advertising campaigns are seen on different media and Apple returns to be present in the commercials of other products; from here to a real equalization with the American market, however, it still runs a lot.

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