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ITunes store, soon also in Australia?

The ideal circle that will bring the iTunes Music Store to be available all over the world is about to close with the opening of the Australian version. According to some sources, quoted by the economic newspaper Forbes and close to the table of negotiations with the record companies, the day set for the start of the last missing store set for October 3rd.

The opening of the Australian shop, besides being relevant from an economic point of view, has a very important symbolic value. Apple will then be the first company in the world to operate in the field of digital music on a global scale, this when the competition, at best, has stores in the United States and Great Britain, while almost all of them, including non-negligible realities such as Real, has only accessible stores in a single country.

But the satisfaction for the significant success could be diluted by the fact that, as already happens in Japan, the Australian store will lack the music of Sony and Warner that would not have reached an agreement with Apple yet and that may not be present in the catalog.

The reasons for the disagreement with Cupertino are known: record companies aim to introduce greater flexibility in the cost of the tracks. In addition to this common opinion of Sony and Warner the fact that at the moment the only one to earn 'real money' from the iTunes Apple operation, which thanks to the store sells millions of iPods every quarter. For its part, Apple considers the single price policy for each track to be important, in order not to confuse customers.

The comparison between Sony and Warner and Apple on the other is only visible in the Pacific area where the iTunes Music Store is coming only now. But the case could also extend to the US and Europe when, in the next year, the contract with the record companies will come to an end.

Apple, however, seems committed to finding a solution to the divergence, as the Japanese case shows. In the land of the rising sun, even for the pressures exerted by the singers, Cupertino and Sony seem to be heading towards an agreement.