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iTunes Music Store Italia becomes Italian

iTunes Music Store Italia becomes Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

At the time of the launch of the "Italian headquarters" of Apple's virtual digital music store the users of the beautiful country had remained a p disappointed: one could purchase a music track at favorable prices but every single page or section of the iTunes Music Store Italy version it was presented in English, making access difficult for users who are not accustomed to foreign languages.

Simultaneously with the launch of iTunes 5, both the texts relating to the interface and the banners relating to international news, the information on the purchase and the offers and the descriptions of the most interesting albums have been translated into Italian. Our sources tell us that about 85% of all the Italian iTunes Music Store has now been translated into our language and in the coming months we will try to complete the operation. To be excluded for the moment are the audio books like the very recent series of Harry Potter which is also available only in English and obviously intended for connoisseurs of the original story idiom.

On our forum we have opened a special section to allow you to report errors or inaccuracies in the translation and make iTMS Italian accessible to as many users as possible: this is the page dedicated to the discussion.

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