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iPod nano: the first Italian review

iPod nano: the first Italian review logomacitynet1200wide 1

The packageThe package of the size of a CD / DVD case is as thick as three overlapping cases. The glossy black color with the image of the actual iPod Nano is slightly in high relief.

Upon opening, it looks like the iPod Mini or iPod boxes opening like a book.

On the right side there is the housing for the iPod Nano, in the left there are the CDs with iTunes, the manuals, the standard iPod headphones now standard, 2 pairs of black headgear, a dock-connector cable -> USB2, a adapter for the dock (used to use third-party accessories) and two white Apple stickers. The iPod surrounded by a transparent plastic with the classic ?Don't steal music? inscription.

The review continues on this iPodnet page.

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