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iJoy: the iPod that massages your back

iJoy: the iPod that massages your back logomacitynet1200wide 1

iJoy from ZipConnect a new product that the online catalog and chain of stores of Sharper Image sells (only in the USA) for 1,000 dollars.

It is a HTT – Human Touch Technology Robotic Massage program capable of massaging the most tense nerves, but to completely relax those who use it, the possibility of listening to music has been added … that of the iPod.

The ZipConnect Charge + Play system (from 10 dollars) connects both iPods or iPod mini or iPod shuffle, recharging them, the music is distributed by special speakers and subwoofers built into the Massage Chair available in black, blue or brown.

It is also possible to connect any other music player by simply connecting it via stereo mini-jack but the shaping in the armrest designed for the shapes of the iPods.

The iJoy has not yet appeared on Apple's online store, let alone order it from Sharper Image's European sites, too bad.

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