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How to share files between Android and iPhone devices

The reasons are different so you may need to exchange data between Android and iPhone devices. Although operating systems are not compatible, it was at least desirable that there could be a simple way to share files between these devices. A simple Bluetooth connection could be enough, but nothing, Apple has set its restrictions that do not allow any kind of sharing between the two operating systems.

Apple doesn't even have a default download to download images and documents from Facebook, e-mail or even from Google Drive. To do these operations it is necessary to integrate external third-party applications. I suggest you also read this guide on how to copy apps and data from Android to iPhone.

However, third-party developers can meet us to give a definitive solution, even a very easy one, to share files between iPhone and Android devices. There are different solutions and in this article we propose one of many. To perform this procedure, an active Internet connection is required and, depending on Internet speed, it will be possible to transfer any file. If your transfer speed is fast and uninterrupted, without further ado, let's see how to share files between Android and iPhone devices.


  • An active internet connection.
  • On Android download and install the app FTP Server from the Play Store (free).
  • On iPhone download and installReaddle documents from Apple Store (free).

How to share files between Android and iPhone devices

Now let's see the procedure to follow to share any type of file among these devices that seem incommunicable among them. The FTP Server app allows you to read / write any folder, including the sdcard, on your Android device. While, the Documents app has multiple functions, including the ability to connect to FTP servers. Read on to find out how to share files.share files 1

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same IP (same internet network) or on Android activate the tethering network and connect the iOS device now.
  • Install the app FTP server on Android without the need for any configuration.
  • Also install Documents on iPhone or iPad, which is the free file manager for iOS devices.
  • Start the FTP server on the Android device, click on the button Start / Stop on the screen.
  • Now on iPhone, open Documents and click on the tabServicesthat you find on the bottom bar. It is the second item at the bottom and on the page that compares the FTP server you find Available devices.
  • Now, on the iPhone just type in the IP that appears on the Android device in Host Bar and click onSave.
  • After the connection is successful, you will see all the files in the camera roll.
  • Just select the folders and click on the button Upload.
  • Now you will see all the selected data which are loaded in speed dial.

There are also other methods for transferring files between different devices, but most often require the installation of software on the computer. This method uses only mobile devices and an internet network.