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How to improve WiFi speed

Does your WiFi connection seem slow to you? Does the signal seem poor and fails to meet your needs? The causes could be different and it is not always easy to find a solution. Precisely for this reason I decided to show you in this article several tricks that could improve WiFi speed and the home signal.

First you need to make sure your operator provides a powerful signal with the speed you chose during the contract. To be certain of the contract speed, you need to run tests whether the line is ADSL or FIBER. There are online services that allow you to perform the speed test and we have already talked about it in these articles. In the next link you can find out how to run the ADSL test.

In this other article you can check the speed of the FIBER.

Weak connection: tricks to improve WiFi speed

improve speed WiFi

If you are reading this article because you are probably having problems with your connection and are looking for a way to upgrade the WiFi signal. In this guide I will show you some tricks that could definitely solve your network problems.

Use the latest WiFi protocol

obvious. The latest WiFi protocols send and receive a cleaner WiFi signal and allow you to travel on the internet at a higher speed. Make sure you use routers and devices that are not too dated, compatible with IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi standards, or even better, to the IEEE 802.11ac protocol. For further clarifications, I enclose a summary table on the various protocolsIEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi.

The protocol802.11nallows you to use the technologyMIME(multiple-input multiple-output). This standard can use multiple antennasto transmit and receive. In this way you will be able to increase the bandwidth available with the ability to operate at either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

WiFi speed 1

Careful where you place your router

The WiFi signal can vary greatly depending on where the router is located. It is not advisable to hide the WiFi modem inside a locker or behind a TV. Although not as aesthetic, it is important that the router is positioned in a place free from obstacles and away from walls or reinforced concrete pillars. To get the maximum WiFi speed, it is advisable to place the router in the center of your apartment and if you have multiple floors, place it on the middle floor. The antennas must be arranged perpendicular to each other, so as to ensure that the signal can cover the whole house.

If your apartment has a complex conformation, check the possibility of installing a WiFi amplifier, which acts as a WiFi signal amplifier, "transporting" the signal to the most difficult reception points. A WiFi amplifier like this:

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Tune in to the right Wi-Fi channel

The frequency through which the WiFi signal is transmitted, divided into 12 communication channels. If several communications are transmitted on the same channel, it may happen that the WiFi signal becomes weak due to electromagnetic interference. it is therefore necessary to choose a channel with little traffic, so as to guarantee a cleaner signal. You will be able to choose the least "flooded" channel by using some software stumblers, such as Acrylic WiFi for Windows and WiFi Analyzer. These are tools that allow analysis and scanning to solve the problems of WiFi networks and improve their performance.

Watch out for network thieves

It may happen that your WiFi signal is weaker due to some "cunning" that uses, without your knowledge, the connection from your router. Obviously, the more devices connected occupy the band used the slower the WiFi speed is slowed down. fundamental, therefore, to protect oneself from these real "network thieves", which can be the neighbors of your home or office. There are several ways to find out who is using your WiFi connection without your knowledge. You can discover them by reading our other guide.

It is however advisable to secure your network by entering secure passwords and always keep it under control to discover some "network thief".

Amplifies the router signal by installing a custom firmware

Not everyone knows it, but the law imposes limits on the transmission of the WiFi signal. This means that the routers do not operate to their full potential. Fortunately, it is possible to install a "custom" firmware that allows you to eliminate the limitations and travel at a higher speed.

One of the most appreciated firmware DD-WRT, an alternative Linux-based OpenSource firmware that can support dozens of WiFi routers. It provides easier router management, while providing a large number of features within the respective hardware platforms used. But if you decide to do so, pay close attention: install a new firmware in the router an operation for advanced users and not without dangers. In the event that installation fails, you could risk compromising your router forever.

Perform a router reset every once in a while

If you have been using the same router for years, to ensure the WiFi speed it is important to reset the device from time to time, so as to bring it back to factory settings and cancel the previous settings. It is also important to change the password from time to time in order to make the attempt to access your WiFi network more complex.

I hope these tips can help you improve your WiFi speed but also to make your network more secure. Also read this guide to protect your WiFi network and make it safe.