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How to convert headphones to Bluetooth for iPhone 7

official.SuiPhone 7 Apple has permanently abandoned the headphone jack. This means that if you want to listen to music from the iPhone, you will need a compatible earbud with the Lightning port or a Bluetooth headset. Alternatively you should convert bluetooth headphones.

Apple's new plans are to permanently abandon all kinds of physical connections. Everything will have to work wireless. The lack of ports in the Macbook serve to push cloud services to the detriment of hard drives and pendrive. The decision to abandon the 3.5mm jack connector instead will have to push towards the adoption of bluetooth solutions. The next one will be a year of transition towards the complete adoption of this technology in all the new headphones that will be put on the market. But what if you already have a pair of expensive headphones? You certainly don't want to put them in a drawer and buy a new pair.

There are two solutions: use the adapter from jack to Lightning present in the iPhone 7 package or convert bluetooth headphones. I advise you to implement the second possibility. In this article we will explain how to do it.

How to convert Bluetooth headphones to iPhone 7

convert bluetooth headphones

Nothing to say about the Lightning adapter that you will find in the iPhone 7 package. This is the simplest solution to operate your headphones with the cable. But there is also the possibility to make your headphones work wirelessly, converting them into Bluetooth with considerable advantages. First of all, Bluetooth is a much more widespread interface than the Lightning connection. So they can be compatible with multiple devices, even different from those of Apple.

The solution you want to use allows you to convert your wired headphones into Bluetooth. In this way the headphones can take advantage of wireless technology, disconnecting it from the cable connection with the smartphone. Although with this solution the headphones must be connected via a cable to a Bluetooth adapter, possible to pair them with the wireless smartphone. This way you can place the device in a safe place, such as for example the travel.

One of the cheapest ways to do this is to use a Bluetooth wireless receiver, such as theTransmitter Bluetooth receiver(our review here). It allows you to connect headphones to the jack located in the unit. Then start streaming your favorite music on the iPhone 7 and listen to it with headphones in wireless mode.

The BluetoothiClever Receiver Transmitter also functions as a transmitter. By inserting the jack of a pair of headphones not equipped with Bluetooth, they will be made compatible with this technology. On Amazon you can find other economic solutions such as the Bluetooth 4.0 TaoTronics receiver or the Bluetooth 4.1 Aukey receiver.

That proposal one of the best solutions to turn a pair of headphones into Bluetooth. In this way you can use them without problems even on the new iPhone 7. What solution have you decided to adopt?