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How much are the rates with so many minutes?

The observatory of presented the results of an interesting study that highlights how much the rates that include many minutes of calls cost, a fundamental aspect for a large number of users. The results highlighted in the study concern two different types of tariffs. In the first case, the rates that offer at least 1000 minutes of calls have been analyzed. In the second case, instead, only the tariffs with unlimited calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers were taken into consideration. How much do packages cost to call a lotRates with at least 1000 minutes of calls offer, on average, 1200 minutes of calls, almost 600 SMS and 4 GB of Internet data traffic at a price of ? 15.90 per renewal which translates into an annual cost of ? 196.35. Rates with unlimited minutesinstead, they also include 400 SMS and almost 7 GB of data traffic, with an average fee of 22.50. The average annual cost of these tariffs is 274.50 euros. The transition from a rate with many minutes, but not unlimited, to call to an offer that includes unlimited calls involves a cost of 80 euros more per year.

To ensure additional savings for users, has exclusively proposed two unpublished tariffs born from the partnership with an important mobile telephone operator. Full details of the two offers are not yet known. Rates will be available from comparator of starting September 5th. Who will book the offers without obligation you can receive all the details on September 4th via e-mail. Below are the details known to date:

  • The first rate includes 1000 minutes of calls and is characterized by a cost of 9 euros per renewal (average savings of 41%)
  • The second rate includes unlimited calls and has a cost of 14 euros per renewal (average savings of 35%)

The two rates will also include a bundle of SMS and GB data traffic and will be activated both through portability of the number and by activating a new SIM for smartphones.