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Google brings material design to iOS

The new version of the Google app for iOS delivers the material design graphics of Android Lollipop also on Apple products

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

The material design of Google, or the restyling work that Mountain View has done on the graphical interface of the latest version of Android, one of the most obvious innovations of Lollipop. From today, his look lands on iOS devices thanks to the new Google search app on the App Store.

The latest version for iPhone and iPad ignores the aesthetic dictates of iOS to remain faithful to the graphic language devised by the search engine giant. Even the keys at the base of the screen (although different from the triangle-circle-square combination of Lollipop) replicate i Android virtual buttons, with the back button and the multitasking button that actually opens a carousel of recent research.

Furthermore, all Mountain View apps are further integrated with each other. The links link when installed to one of the suitable Google apps to open them, and only one login applies to all apps. Voice search, Now tabs, maps, Gmail mail: the whole gives the impression of being part of a real subsystem inside the system operating iOS.


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