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Fluentify, a video call package to learn English with madrelilngua

A journey in five stages, through tutors from different nations and accents

How many times have we heard that to learn English you have to speak it? Many, but not that you can go around and smash the poor British tourists. This is why the Fluentify online platform offers to improve English knowledge via videoconferences with mother-tongue tutors from all over the world.

For Christmas, the team (all Italian) has prepared a special package, the Christmas World Tour Pack, which offers a tour of the virtual world in five stages, with five different countries with which to study the language and understand the differences in the accents (unless you prefer to concentrate on just one accent: then, you can also make five calls to the same tutor ).

Where can I find it? Online, on the Fluentify websiteHow much? 39 euros in digital, 50 euros the casket to put under the tree


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