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Expedia's Rimor is an extension of Chrome that will inspire you to travel

Everyone loves to travel and discover new places. However, there are times when you are so absorbed in all your daily activities that you lose the inspiration to travel. Of course, your heart doesn't want to travel, but only overloaded with the weight of all the hectic workload and the task of completing your to-do list that you lose all inspiration for traveling. The guys at Expedia understand it. Expedia's Rimor Extension, one of the world's leading travel companies, inspires users to travel while performing a trivial task that they perform every day at work.

Rimor: a free Chrome extension for travel inspiration

Released as part of the Expedia Hackathon competition, Expedia's engineers have a data-driven vision that travelers are inspired to visit based on how beautiful it is. As such, they have had the idea that instead of asking someone to visit the Expedia website, the inspiration for traveling could be found simply by opening a new browser tab.

With Rimor Chrome Extension, you can turn your new browser tabs into amazing images of destinations around the world. You can add favorite destinations and, later, look at them when the time comes to plan a trip. Instead of overwhelming yourself with options or sales tactics when you're trying to get the job done, presents a stunning image and its location. Also, if you don't like the image, click on the "Update" icon or refresh the browser window and you will be presented with a new city and a new photo.

Use Rimor to get travel inspiration

1. Log in to Google Chrome Web Store and download Rimor through the Chrome extension of Expedia (free) by clicking the "button Add to Chrome ".

2. In the pop-up that appears on the screen, click " Add extension ".

3. At the end, you will receive a notification with the words " Expedia's rimor has been added to Chrome ", as shown below:

4. And this all! Now every time you open a new tab, instead of an empty page, you will be greeted with a beautiful image of a new destination to travel.

We live in a world where we are inundated with daily activities and workloads that inspiration is hard to find. Thanks to the Rimor extension for Chrome, it's easy to find the inspiration to travel simply by surfing the web. I know I'm inspired to travel now and Monaco at the top of my list. But you? Share with us how Rimor inspired you to travel and where you're headed, in the comments below.