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Expand iPhone memory with Lightning to USB

Surely you have an iPhone or iPad and regularly use iTunes to transfer files from iOS devices to your computer and vice versa. But it's not always possible to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your computer when you don't have it on hand. When you find yourself in these unpleasant situations with the full memory of the iOS device, the consequence can be painful, because you will have to give up taking new photos or taking videos. In these cases, what can you do? This is the case where the Lightning to USB pendrive by Aukey becomes indispensable for expand iPhone memory and iPad.

Several times I found myself in these situations, so I went looking for an effective but space-saving solution, and I found this solution. I purchased the Aukey pendrive that, just connect it to your iPhone or iPad and you can quickly transfer any file that resides in the internal memory of iOS devices. expand memory iPhone 1

The pendrive is particularly useful if you have an iOS device with little internal storage, 16GB or 32GB. If you wish, in this caseexpand memory iPhone and iPad because this runs out quickly, the Aukey pendrive can be the best solution. It is equipped with a double connection, Ligthning on one side to connect it to the Apple device and a USB 3.0 connection on the other to be able to connect it to the computer. Well, now let's see how easy it is to use it.

Aukey Pendrive Lightning to USB

The package contains the pendrive with double removable lid, we also find a strap, the manual for instructions and the guarantee offered by Aukey. The remarkable capacity, we have available 64GB to store everything we want. The body in glossy black plastic and the nicely reduced and extremely light size. In your hand you have the feeling of keeping nothing for its lightness. The only relief that I would like to highlight are the two lids completely disconnected from the body, this system is likely to easily lose the two protections.Expanding iPhone 2 memory

The two extreme connectors, Lightning and USB, are made with good materials and are well connected to the plastic body, giving the feeling of stability of connection with the devices.

How to expand iPhone memory with Aukey's Lightning to USB

The Aukey Lightning to USB pendrive can be considered a normal 64GB pendrive, the only differentiation is the double connection. Finally we have a pendrive that can be connected to an iPhone or iPad. But how does the file transfer take place? To transfer files you need to download an app that allows communication between the two devices. Previal ??installation on the iPhone of the app AGP Filethat you find on the App Store, you can transfer files of any format on your pendrive instantly. This app, in Italian, allows you to edit even the full backup of the phonebook and Gallery every time you connect the Pendrive to the device.

Expanding iPhone 3 memory

As you can see from the images, it is possible to get backups of Contacts and Albums but you can also transfer individual photo, video and music files. Going to the Settings, you can decide to activate the automatic backup of Contacts and Photos every time you connect the Aukey pendrive to the iOS device.

Another fantastic use of this Aukey Lightning to USB route is the audio and video recording directly on your pendrive. In case you need to record a video or a long-lasting audio event and you don't know if there is enough space on the iPhone, you can choose to store the recording directly on the pendrive. Furthermore, opening Files Manager, you can manage all the files divided into folders, as you can see in the image, sharing them on social networks or sending them via email or WhatsApp.

Expanding iPhone 4 memory

If you have an iPhone, this is a functional, easy and immediate solution to expand the device's memory. When the pendrive connects to the PC / Mac, this will be a normal USB flash drive. When you connect it to the iPhone / iPad, the pendrive expands the storage space of your iOS device.

Expanding iPhone 5 memory

The app AGP File compatible with all iOS devices with Lightning connector and with iOS 8 or later.

Whether the Aukey Lightning to USB pendrive has met your expectations by recognizing its primary utility, ie expand memory iPhone and iPadand you want to buy it, you can do it on Amazon by going to the next link.

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