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Emojimo, the keyboard for iOS that translates text into emoji in real time

The use of smilies goes to the next level: with Emojimo you can replace words with icons in real time


On the keyboards for iOS, never ends.

For all lovers of emojiand always looking for fun ways to communicate, it arrives Emojimo, the free keyboard for iOS that translates the typed text into an emoticon in real time.


With Emojimo, in fact, the text of the messages is automatically replaced by the most appropriate daiemoji: it is possible to have the words automatically replaced with the emoticons just as you write, or simply click on the poo, the emoji of the poop, to go back and translate the text just typed.


Think of all those funny re-interpretations of movie titles or lyrics of the meticulously recreated conleemoji songs: with a keyboard like this, they would surely have been much easier to make.

At the momentEmojimoworks well only in English, but who says that a day will not be returned to support Italian too?

In the meantime, if you want to try and excite your messages in English, you can download the app here.

If, instead, you prefer only gods tips, then try the alternative keyboard Emojiyo, which offers simple tips for posting to replace words automatically as you type. You can download it here.

Have fun!


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